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Tahquitz Rock Idyllwild


Tahquitz is one of the birth places of modern rock climbing in the USA. A place where new standards have constantly been pushed throughout the “free climbing” revolution in the late 60’s and 70’s. Many routes are considered ultra classic and a few lines like “the open Book” (5.9) were the first one of its grade in the country. Tahquitz offers stunning views into the foothills of Mt. San Jacinto and at an elevation of close to 9000 feet, it is inevitable to get a real alpine feeling up there. All this in beautiful Southern California with almost year-round perfect climbing weather.

Driving from San Diego to Idyllwild takes about 2.5 hours and it is quite a unique experience to go up the road into the San Jacinto Mountains! From scraggy desert chaparral to dense pine forests in 20min. A drastic elevation change of almost 4,000 feet brings in cooler temperatures and a true mountain climate with cleaner air and fresh breezes. Stunning views into the foothills and desert flatlands. Enjoy world-class rock climbing in one of America’s major historic sites. Multi pitch rock climbing is one of the most exciting styles of climbing! The enjoyment of climbing several hundred feet high on beautiful rock features is indescribable.

Experience that you do not have to have a super hero status to climb a long route. Climbs like “The Through” (5.4) or “White Maiden’s Walkway” (5.3) are notorious entry-level multi-pitch routes that have opened up the perspectives of many climbers. Whereas the climbing might not be the most challenging part of this trip it is the overall physical demand including a 45min. steep approach hike and technical descent off the Peak.

Tahquitz is a great destination to escape the heat in the warmer months of the year. Due to the elevation it is much cooler compared to San Diego. That often creates better rock climbing conditions. Many low angle climbs also guarantee for a successful ascent for any level from beginner to more advanced. The high quality rock and great accessability make Idyllwild a superb rock climbing destination for any climber in Southern California.