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Frequently asked questions

You can book online on our bookings page. Call 619 252 4923 or fill out a contact form with your requested date and time to check for availability. If not instantly, we do our best to answer your request within a few hours after submitting. Upon confirming availability you can book/pay online on our ‘booking’ page. We will then send you a confirmation including all the details you need to know.

Please allow us to send you a booking confirmation within 36hrs after your booking. If it takes longer, please check in with us via our contact form or call. We do our best to avoid sending out confirmations after 36hrs and reserve the right to take longer in rare occasions.

Your exact meeting point and time is specified in your booking confirmation (clickable address and further hints on how to find your guide). Your guide’s phone number will also be displayed in your booking confirmation or send to you at least two days before your trip – in case you need to get in touch with him or her.

For our introduction classes, yoga retreats and private sessions there is no experience required. On other programs we do require certain skills for participation such as, lead climbing classes, anchor classes or other advanced courses. Please see “prerequisites” section in their description. If you are not sure, please call or write us for a personal consultation and find out what program suits you best.

Participants in our rock climbing program have to be at least at the age of 8.

In the rare case of bad weather we will cancel our trip and reschedule with you at your best convenience. If rescheduling is not possible we will refund your entire costs. It is our duty to make a final call on whether it is appropriate to pursue the original trip itinerary or cancel due to bad weather conditions.

We do understand that life does not always follow a straight line of planned events. Therefore we do honor your special circumstances of unexpected schedule changes and created our cancellation policies as posted below:

  • to receive a full refund you may cancel your trip at least 3 days (or 72hrs) before your scheduled trip. (Example: your trip starts Saturday 8am. To get a full refund you have to submit your cancellation by Wednesday 8am the latest)
  • there is no refund if canceling within 72hrs of your scheduled trip.


Please submit your cancellation via one or several of the following options:

  • Call us at 619 252 4923 and cancel your trip with us in person.
  • Call us and leave a detailed voicemail about your scheduled trip and intention to cancel
  • Fill out a contact form with your cancellation message
  • E-mail us at with your cancellation message

It is no problem to tag along just for watching the rock climbing activity! If you are planning on bringing friends or family members who wish to just observe, please make sure to tell us before the trip. Our job is to manage the climb-site and everyone that is with us, regardless of being a spectator or participant. Therefore it is important for us to know how many people are expected on the trip. We also ask every spectator to complete our assumption of risk form and wear a helmet.

Please tip your guide if you enjoyed your time. Tips are always welcome. If you do not exactly know how much to tip – 15-20% of the total trip cost is a great place to start. If your expectations were topped and you are blown away by how amazing your day was – consider 30% or more. Tipping plays a big role within the guiding industry, regardless of discipline. Your guide will be forever thankful

As a complimentary free service we try to take pictures on all of our trips (in consent with participants). We then upload these pictures to our social media platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram. Please like our page, share and comment on your pictures – we love our memories to be shared with others. Thank you!

Chillino Rock Climbing provides all equipment that is needed for any of the climbing sessions, such as: rock shoes, harness, helmet, ropes, and carabiners. You may bring your own gear if you wish. Please be informed that your guide will inspect your gear, just to make sure it is up to date with safety standards.

With most of our programs, our goal is to get you rock climbing as soon as possible. The majority of our time will be spent at the climbing site, which means that we also teach certain skills (e.g. knots) right at the base of the rocks we climb. How much you actually climb depends on your group size and your personal motivation. For example at our five hours introduction to rock climbing class, our participants climb 3 different routes on average per person.

It varies. Usually anywhere in between 50-100feet. On multi-pitch climbs we may climb up to several hundred feet high.

It is well possible to climb a multi-pitch route on your first ever outdoor rock climb! It is a misconception to think that the taller a climb, the more difficult it must be. In and around San Diego, there are tall climbs in many difficulty ranges and it is our expertise to determine which one is the most appropriate for you. Many of the entry-level multi-pitch climbs have huge ledges and places where you can actually sit, relax and enjoy views in the middle of a huge wall – truly a great experience! To sign up for a multi-pitch climb you must interview with us for eligibility. It is much dependent on what level of physical and mental fitness you bring in. A little bit of experience always helps but is not required. Please call us and we will gladly talk about your options.

No worries! Safety is the foundation of what we do. However, being a bit scared is part of the experience for some us. And that is totally ok! It is sort of an instinctual self-protection mechanism that our mind controls and our guides know that this is just in our heads – a perceived threat and not an actual one. While respecting your personal boundaries, we will slowly prepare you to get more and more comfortable with heights as we go through our session. We will also coach you through difficult sections and mentally prepare you where needed. It is an amazing feeling to overcome your initial fear and we have all the tools to get you ready. Ultimately you can always decide when to be lowered back down to the ground.

Happy customers

Highly recommend Fabi! He is super organized, friendly and safe. He was on time, prepared with everything we needed, fully explained everything we needed to know and made sure we felt safe during every step. He’s super encouraging and really knows what he is doing!
Anna T.
What an amazing experience! We took the beginners class, and so happy we did, Fabi was very knowledgeable, breaking instructions down step by step making it easier and fun to learn! After learning all the important safety steps we got to climbing right away, with fabi right there giving us pointers on the best route to take. I left class feeling more confident in my abilities to climb. Fabi has such a chill, friendly, and encouraging way of teaching, it felt like we were learning with a friend. I highly reccomend. Thank you for sharing your knowledge Fabi!
Kailyn F.
Had such an incredible time doing my first trad rock climbing multi pitch! Coach Jakob was extremely professional and taught my friend and I so much. We went up over 2,000 feet and got to the top of a stunning mountain in Idyllwild. He was informative and we felt completely safe the entire time. It was a fun and beautiful adventure. We would highly recommend Jakob and Chillino Rock Climbing Group for your upcoming adventures!
Valerie H.
My partner and I just finished an intro climbing class with Chillino and it was fantastic! Our guide was Fabi and he was knowledgeable, friendly, encouraging and always put safety first. A great introduction to outdoor climbing with an emphasis on learning basics the right way and having fun, whatever your skill level. We started with an overview of equipment, a short hike in Mission Hills and a thorough training on using the equipment. We had the chance to do several lines at our own pace. All were a good challenge! Overall, a great class and highly recommend 🙂
Grace M.
Absolutely incredible experience! I hardly have any experience as a climber and Fabian did a great job at showing me the basics and making sure I knew how to safely and adequately climb. There was plenty of time for me to get my hands dirty and the location was beautiful! The team that came along was very positive and encouraging! Would definitely recommend Fabian's climbing options!
Tiffany C.