Chillino SESSIONS Colorado

Chillino SESSIONS Colorado

Open Curriculum Climbing Classes


Meet other local climbers from greater Denver area.


Join us on a regular basis and become a confident outdoor climber,


Climb and discover new areas at SESSIONS.


Learn a new skill every time you join. E.g. rappelling, anchors, lead climbing (mock), various knots, gear management and more skills,

Affordable Rates

Take advantage of our package deals of 3 or 6 SESSIONS. Rate Chart below!


How to Sign Up

Book 1 (drop in), 3 or 6 or CHILLINO SESSIONS. Prerequisites: confident at tying a figure 8 follow through knot and PLUS (top rope) belay technique.

Full days (8hr) to various locations in Jefferson County Open Space. See calendar for dates and locations below.


Happy customers

Highly recommend Fabi! He is super organized, friendly and safe. He was on time, prepared with everything we needed, fully explained everything we needed to know and made sure we felt safe during every step. He’s super encouraging and really knows what he is doing!
Anna T.
What an amazing experience! We took the beginners class, and so happy we did, Fabi was very knowledgeable, breaking instructions down step by step making it easier and fun to learn! After learning all the important safety steps we got to climbing right away, with fabi right there giving us pointers on the best route to take. I left class feeling more confident in my abilities to climb. Fabi has such a chill, friendly, and encouraging way of teaching, it felt like we were learning with a friend. I highly reccomend. Thank you for sharing your knowledge Fabi!
Kailyn F.
Had such an incredible time doing my first trad rock climbing multi pitch! Coach Jakob was extremely professional and taught my friend and I so much. We went up over 2,000 feet and got to the top of a stunning mountain in Idyllwild. He was informative and we felt completely safe the entire time. It was a fun and beautiful adventure. We would highly recommend Jakob and Chillino Rock Climbing Group for your upcoming adventures!
Valerie H.
My partner and I just finished an intro climbing class with Chillino and it was fantastic! Our guide was Fabi and he was knowledgeable, friendly, encouraging and always put safety first. A great introduction to outdoor climbing with an emphasis on learning basics the right way and having fun, whatever your skill level. We started with an overview of equipment, a short hike in Mission Hills and a thorough training on using the equipment. We had the chance to do several lines at our own pace. All were a good challenge! Overall, a great class and highly recommend :)
Grace M.
Absolutely incredible experience! I hardly have any experience as a climber and Fabian did a great job at showing me the basics and making sure I knew how to safely and adequately climb. There was plenty of time for me to get my hands dirty and the location was beautiful! The team that came along was very positive and encouraging! Would definitely recommend Fabian's climbing options!
Tiffany C.

Look up your preferred dates + locations in the calendar and indicate them in the booking form when checking out (notes section). In case you do not know all your dates yet! No problem, we will keep your sessions as credit and you can schedule them anytime within the expiration time period – see terms below

Location Links (click for Google maps link)

All SESSIONS are full day (8hrs) Rock Climbing Sessions


Scheduling Policies

Climbers have to be 16 years and older to be able to join and schedule. You can schedule your sessions all at once or a few at a time. Please keep the following expiration terms in mind when booking your package:
  • A drop in Session is valid for 2 months after purchase.
  • A package of 3 sessions is valid for 4 months after purchase.
  • A package of 6 sessions is valid for 6 months after purchase.
Please make sure to have all your sessions scheduled within the valid time frame after purchasing. We create our signup sheet on a first-come-first-serve base. Therefore, please allow 21 days for scheduling in some cases.

Re-scheduling, cancellation and refund policies

Purchased packages are non-refundable and non-transferable. You may reschedule any session until 5 days before (120hrs) the day it is scheduled – later requests for re-scheduling cannot be honored.

Questions and Answers

Q: Do I need to have climbing experience in order to join?

A: Yes. You need to have minimal experience! Every climber joining is expected to know how to safely use a top rope setup (on both sides of the rope, being the climber and the belayer). If you need to brush up on your top roping skills, please sign up for our intro class first as this will get you ready to join any CHILLINO SESSIONS in Colorado and California. If you sign up for the intro class and purchase a SESSIONS package you receive a 25% discount on your intro class Link to sign up for intro class here 

Q: Do I need to bring my own climbing equipment?

A: No. We provide all necessary rock climbing equipment for you in case you do not own your personal gear. You may consider purchasing your own gear as you progress and join our sessions more often. Climbing with our guide will help you to make choices regarding future gear purchases. Members are encouraged to bring their own gear if they own it (shoes, helmet, harness, carabiners, belay device/s, rope/s, etc.) When you sign up, we will send you a link to a questionnaire asking for the items of rental gear you need.

Q: How long are the sessions and how is the flow of each session?

A: Each session is set for a full day (8 hours) from “car to car” – we meet up at the parking lot and we will be back at the car 8 hours later. The approach time differs from location to location. Here is an example of a possible timeline:

8 hrs session: 08.00am: meet up at the parking lot of our climbing location (see links above)

08.00am – 08.15am: meet and greet + goal setting for the day. We encourage everone to learn one new skill in climbing. 15min

08.15am – 08.45am: hike to climb site. Max 30 minutes depending on climb site of the day

08.45am – 11.45am: climb and meet other climbers. Learn new skills. 3hrs

11.45am – 12.15pm: Lunch time

12.15pm – 1.00pm: Continued climbing


01.00pm – 03.30pm: Technical skills components. This is the best opportunity to learn useful skills and apply them under professional instruction, e.g. rappelling, anchor cleaning, anchor building, lead climbing (mock), gear management and everything you need to learn for a long career out on the rocks. 2,5hrs

03.30pm – 4.00pm: climb site breakdown and return to th eparking

Q: How many climbers will be in the group at maximum?

A: At maximum there will be 7 in the group – 6 climbers + 1 of our guides

Q: Where will the climbing take place?

A: Our climbing locations are all located in Jefferson County Open Space. At Sessions we will make an effort to expose you to various locations so that you can be a diverse climber. Take a look at the “Chillino Sessions Colorado Calendar” for dates and locations this summer/fall 2023. 

Q: Do I have to schedule all sessions at once?

A: No. You can book one session at a time. However, we encourage you to put as many sessions on your calendar as possible since our sessions are intended to get you out climbing often. Reservations will be taken on a first-come-first-serve basis. Remember that sessions will expire after a certain time period after purchase (2 months for the drop in,4 months for the 3-pack, 6 months for the 6-pack)

Q: Does each individual CHILLINO SESSION follow a certain curriculum?

A: SESSIONS is an open curriculum technical training program that brings climbing community together in and around Denver. At SESSIONS we teach about any skill that is required for recreational outdoor rock climbing. We believe in the magic of climbing on a regular basis while meeting other local climbers and learn together. Our guides will find out what is the best progression for you based on your experience level. Learn under the mentorship of our professional guides. We will present new skills to every member at every session. We encourage to ask many questions during our sessions and use our resources (YouTube Channel, Chillino Manual) for preparation

Q: Am I allowed to lead climb in any of the SESSIONS?

A: Yes. At Sessions we simulate lead climbing with a backed up top rope – this technique is also often referred to as mock leading. This will be a great opportunity to prepare for your first lead climb.

Q: Will I be able to lead climb and set up anchors after completing a few sessions?

A: At Chillino we cannot guarantee what your leanring success will be. We believe though – the more you come the more knowledge you will pick up from our guides and other SESSIONS members. We guarantee that you will have a great understanding of the lead climbing and anchoring process after having joined us for a minimum of 6-9 SESSIONS.

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